Kazhcha Film Forum is a film society formed by a group of youngsters 17 years back. Kazhcha strives for pathbreaking Cinema and Cinema Movements. Kazhcha focuses on creating a steady and constructive platform for the Independent Cinema scene in India.

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A film society launched by a group of youngsters 17 years back, Kazhcha is synonymous for path-breaking cinema & cinema movements.

So far, three short films - The Wonder World, Parole and Frog, two feature films – Oraalppokkam and Eli Eli Lama Sabachtani, two documentaries – Samaanthara Shramangal and Oru Theruvinte Irupuram - have been produced under the banner of Kazhcha Film Forum. Two projects - a feature film by a women filmmaker duo selected through the Kazhcha Woman Filmmaker Project and another feature film selected through KNIFF ScriptLab Workshop – are in the pipeline.
Kazhcha also introduced a crowd-sourced distribution method to release Sanal Kumar Sasidharan’s critically acclaimed “S Durga”. Cinema Vandi(Cinema Cab) launched by Kazhcha with an intention to bring good, independent Cinema to ordinary people went on a tour thrice covering the length and breadth of Kerala screening four Independent feature films. Kazhcha in association with Niv Art Movies conduct a film festival each year in the month of December called KNIFF(Kazhcha-Niv Indie Film Festival).


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Numerous promising young directors all over India are stepping forward to make movies that move away from the clutches of traditional commercial cinema, and come up with a refreshing take that convincingly dismantles the conventional view of what constitutes ‘art’ cinema, the stereotyped ones that go on to garner awards. This has in turn spurred World Cinema to sit up and take notice of the ripples caused by such independent movies that have gone on to garner several awards at various film festivals across the globe. Unfortunately back in their home they often faces complete neglect mainly since conventional film festivals are preoccupied with grandeur of a star studded ceremony.

On the other hand, due to the concerted efforts of the Kerala Chalachitra Akademi that organises the prestigious annual International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) along with the numerous film societies – both recognized and not-so-well-known - that dot Kerala’s landscape, Malayalam independent cinema has carved out a niche for itself over the past few years.

Hence, It is a highly distressing fact for us that both Kerala Chalachitra Akademi and the IFFK which was instituted to promote such avant-garde movies from Kerala now seem to have moved away from its original aim. KIFF was, hence conceived as a corrective measure against such a ‘rejectionary’ attitude adopted by the Akademi and IFFK in promoting this parallel cinema movement.

But with the course of time, KIFF evolved to be what it has to be for the indie cinema movement of India, a common platform for all independent movies and its makers to come together. KIFF should also be rightly viewed as a genuine protest against the prejudices that have crept in over the years in the selection process and the selection committee at all major film festivals in india.


  • 2018


    December 7-10 2018

    Trivandrum, India

    KIFF became KNIFF the next year by including the first letter of Kazhcha’s trusted partner Niv Art Movies. KNIFF 2018 will be held from 7 to 10 December. The festival which has “Inclusion” as its theme will be inaugurated by Apurva Asrani who is a filmmaker and an influential voice in the fight for equal rights for the LGBTIQ in India. 12 feature films, including 2 documentaries will be screened in the festival. The opening film is a documentary called Bird Of Dusk directed by Sangeeta Datta. The film is about the evergreen filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh who also blurred the lines of gender definitions. Apart from film screenings, there will be Q & As with directors, panel discussions, a platform called VOICES for speeches by prominent speakers such as Sunny M Kappikkad and Kalki Subramaniam on issues such as transgender rights, caste, justice for women and Kerala’s progressive image in the light of the recent Flood and Sabarimala issue, a midnight music programme where people can listen to music and also discuss about films and other social issues, a COFFEE CHAT through which guest filmmakers are given an opportunity to chat with prominent film personalities who are in Trivandrum, SCRIPT LAB through which selected concepts(and the candidates) are exposed to a screenwriting workshop conducted by Apurva Asrani, Raghunath Paleri and PF Mathews, the result of which would be the selection of Kazhcha’s next feature film production venture. There will also be Virtual Reality films and a photography exhibition curated by Shiju Basheer called FURIOUS FRAMES which draws correlation between the Flood and Sabarimala issue.

  • 2017


    December 8-11 2017

    Trivandrum, India

    KIFF 2017 was inaugurated by filmmaker Anand Gandhi. The signature film of the festival was launched by Adoor Gopalakrishnan. 13 feature films and 4 documentaries were screened at the 4-days festival. 8 Virtual Reality films were also shown at the festival. The opening film was a Malayalam feature Karie by director Shanavas Naranippuzha. The festival was held from 8 to 11 December at Lenin Balawadi, Vazhuthacaud. Apart from the films, there were Q & As with the directors, panel discussions on various facets of independent cinema production, distribution and concept, a Mobile Phone Short Cinema contest called MOFI for film aspirants, a film review writing contest called The Critic, a photography exhibition called Unscripted Lives by photographer Shiju Basheer and a unique open forum platform called BRIDGE for film buffs to gather and discuss the films they watched at KIFF and IFFK and also films in general with tea and snacks provided by us. BRIDGE was led by filmmaker Sreebala K Menon. It was held on each night of the festival from 9pm to 12. A COFFEE CHAT through which guest filmmakers are given an opportunity to meet prominent film personalities in Trivandrum was also a feature of the festival.




‘Wonder World’ was the first movie venture of Kazhcha Film Forum. This short film made in the year 2001 was of an experimental nature. ‘Parole’, the next short film could be termed as the first Malayalam film made out of a bloggers’ group. Wonder World was screened at the International Video Fest in Thiruvananthapuram. Parole won many accolades including the award for the best tele-film. Frog was Kazcha’s flagship project, which won a couple of state government awards for best tele-film.

Oraalppokkam, the first feature length film from Kazhcha & the directorial debut of Sanal Kumar Sasidharan is also the first online crowd funded film of Kerala. It went on to receive critical acclaim and awards such as NETPAC and FIPRESCI at IFFK, Aravindan Puraskaram for Best Directorial Excellence and John Abraham award for Best Directorial Excellence. It was also featured in prominent film festivals.

The crowd-funded production of Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani was also initiated by Kazhcha Film Forum. The film directed by Jiju Antony was screened at 9 International film festivals and the director won the Best Debut Director award at the All Lights International Film Festival.

Samaanthara Shramangal directed by Don Palathara followed the journey of Cinema Cab and the impact it created. Oru Theruvinte Irupuram directed by Arundev, Gaurav Raveendran and Hafiz Mohammed is an analysis of a moral policing incident that happened near the Kazhcha office with an intention to understand the psyche of the parties involved and the reasons behind such an incident.

Kazhcha introduced a first of its kind crowd-sourced distribution method to release Sanal Kumar Sasidharan’s critically acclaimed “S Durga”. The movie was successfully released in 48 theatres.

Kazhcha as part of its Women Filmmaker Project had conducted a workshop for selected candidates. The 4-days workshop was conducted by prominent filmmakers Sudevan, Sreebala K Menon, Vidhu Vincent and Shiny Jacob Benjamin. Through the workshop, Kazchcha found its next production venture. The upcoming project is to be directed by Devi P V & Indulekshmi B. A Script Lab is conducted as part of KNIFF 2018. Selected candidates and their concepts are exposed to a 4-days workshop on the days of KNIFF. The workshop is conducted by prominent screenwriters Apurva Asrani, Raghunath Paleri and P F Mathews. Kazhcha will find its production venture for the year of 2019 through the Script Lab.

Kazhcha launched ‘Cinema Vandi’ (Cinema Cab) in 2015 as an alternate distribution channel for Independent movies. Cinema Vandi conducted its first tour across Kerala over 3 months and successfully screened ‘Oraalppokkam’ over 110 locations with its high quality projection equipment. Cinema Vandi later went on tour twice screening three feature films such as Karie directed by Shanavas Naranippuzha, Shavam directed by Don Palathara and Ozhivudivasathe Kali directed by Sanal Kumar Sasidharan.